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Farmarco Producers Pricing Advice

Pricing Advice, coupled with Brokerage Service

Production of agricultural commodities has always had inherent risk, including the key risks of weather and pricing.

Farmarco has an established Advisory and Brokerage service to help primary producers with the information they require to formulate pricing decisions, and as a result proactively manage the pricing aspects of their production. Our ultimate aim is to provide primary producers with flexibility and choice.

​The foundation of our service is the individual nature of the pricing strategies developed. At Farmarco we recognise that all primary producers have unique needs and resources available. We work with producers to ensure that pricing strategies are tailored to individual levels of production and risk profile.

​Farmarco offers world class experience, knowledge and integrity. Established long term relationships and mutual business trust to maximise returns, is Farmarco’s aim.

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Producer Pricing Advice, More than a Brokerage Service

Farmarco’s independence from trading organisations reassures clients that advice on pricing issues is not influenced by marketers with vested interests in particular options.

Farmarco’s advisory service is the next step along the path towards becoming a price maker. By listening to our clients’ needs, we work to develop price strategies to achieve individual objectives. This is achieved through comprehensive market analysis, then interpretation of what is happening in the market, with a plan being developed that will suit individual grower needs.

Why use Farmarco’s Advisory Service?

  • Market Analysis not Information - Commodity market information is readily available from a number of sources. The foundation of Farmarco’s Managed Service is that the data is not only presented to you, but is interpreted and used to develop strategic marketing decisions based on your individual needs. In addition to providing a service designed to your individual needs, Farmarco’s advisory services are based on full and comprehensive advice. Unlike brokerage houses, Farmarco’s client managers are always available for extensive consultation.

  • Understanding your Objectives - Farmarco, as your personalised marketing advisor, works closely with you to understand your objectives and develop marketing (pricing) strategies to progress towards these objectives. To be able to make the greatest steps in this progression, a broad range of products and marketing options will need to be accessed. Farmarco’s independence from trading organisations will allow you to achieve this. Also, the reassurance that Farmarco does not have vested interests ensures you cost transparency.

  • Increased level of Price Certainty - A clear focus of many of our clients is increasing the level of certainty over the price that they will receive for their commodities. By utilising cash and derivatives markets we assist you in gaining control over your price.

  • Complementary cash and futures brokerage - To complement the pricing strategies developed for you, Farmarco operates cash and futures brokerages desks, ensuring timely and simplified implementation of strategies. In addition, Farmarco provides discounted commission rates for the users of our Managed Services.

  • Publications - While the core of this service is to develop and implement individual pricing strategies, we also provide clients with daily, weekly and periodic information publications. These publications ensure that you have the most current pricing and market information at any given time.

  • Final decisions and ultimate control of any strategy selected will always be retained by the client.

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