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Cash Brokerage

Farmarco provides grain producers throughout Australia with Cash Brokerage services. Through researched market intelligence, our Brokerage services exercise unique relationships with growers, buyers and other market participants. By utilising Farmarco’s network of contacts, our Cash Brokerage clients enjoy a number of crop marketing benefits, including:

  • Capturing pricing opportunities: windows of opportunity for improved pricing are often short lived. Farmarco can ensure that you are involved in a network that identifies pricing opportunities (local, regional and nationwide) and enable growers to take advantage of these in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Letting the producer concentrate on efficient manufacturing while Farmarco’s Cash Brokers work to establish the best available price on the day.

  • More confidence in the buyer’s contract performance as Farmarco’s daily involvement in the market allows vital intelligence gathering on market participants. Farmarco will not knowingly expose sellers where such concerns exist. This can save you from significant revenue loss on a sale.

  • Producers can negotiate at arm’s length with potential buyers by using Farmarco’s brokerage service. As an intermediary, our brokers will not only negotiate the business for you, but also assist if issues relating to quality, payment or delivery occur. This has the benefit of taking advantage of Farmarco’s well established relationships in the trade.

  • Greater accessibility to a broader range of selling options which can be extremely important in volatile or thin markets with fewer buyers.

  • Increased anonymity in the market. For many sellers, anonymity in the initial stages of the selling process can reap increased flexibility and returns.

  • A central point for price information, market opportunities and other related information to make purchasing decisions.

Farmarco’s excellent brokerage reputation in the Australian grain trade industry is built on a highly principled approach to commercial contracts. Farmarco will always endeavour to ensure commercial obligations are met by both parties.

What is Cash Brokerage?

Farmarco’s Cash Brokers simply act as match makers between buyers and sellers in the market place. A Cash Broker is independent of all traders and sellers. Farmarco does not trade as a principal in commodities.

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