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Global Futures and Options Markets

As a commodity broker, Farmarco executes orders to buy or sell commodity contracts on behalf of its clients. Commodity contracts include futures, options and similar derivatives. Farmarco’s clients who trade commodities futures and options tend to be hedgers, however services are provided to speculators. Farmarco’s clients tend to be either producers or consumers of commodities and they use derivative instruments as part of their tool box to manage their commodity price risk.

​Farmarco, as an introducing broker, provides its clients with access to global futures and options markets for hedging, trading and investing purposes. Our brokerage service makes it easy for clients to execute strategies in local and offshore futures and currency markets.

Our area of expertise is in commodities and more specifically grains and oilseeds, soft commodities (cotton, sugar), livestock and currency markets although we also access markets in metals, energy, indices and interest rates.


Why use a commodity specialist?

Futures brokers can provide access generally to any futures market, however, futures and options are complex trading tools and their underlying physical markets are also complex to understand. It makes sense to use a specialist in agricultural commodities. It can save some expensive mistakes. 

Warning: Futures and options contracts use leverage hence the chance of a loss (or gain) is magnified.

Please note: Farmarco does not warrant the accuracy, currency or applicability of third-party content.

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